Ralf Pflugfelder is an artist living and working in Berlin and London.

Through appropriation and associative thought processes that connect the everyday and the mythical, his artworks materialise in many different forms and scales: from sculpture to writing, painting to architecture, installation, performance, plagiarism, collaboration and commissioning.

Pflugfelder’s work involves a questioning of knowledge and language, history and truth — a reinvention of the modes of appearance and the creation of a work of art.

At the moment he is working on the adaptation and appropriation of 100 artists’ Bios.

He has been commissioned to remake the Remastered - The Art of Appropriation exhibition at Kunsthalle Krems.

He is also working on a play/script called Von Nasenzwang’s Threefold Coercion of Art(ificial) Hell about the Tristesse Royale in contemporary art, loosely based on Goethe’s Faust and Mann’s Doctor Faustus, to be performed in 2020 and to be made into a film in 2022.

Together with Rain Wu he co-authored the publication RARA: Speak at the Van Eyck Institute.

RARA (Rain Wu + Ralf Pflugfelder) were artists-in-residence at Thalie Art Foundation to imagine new ethical landscapes, new narratives and agents of change for our relationship with nature.
The project culminated in the show From Strata of Memory to Layers of Rock in the new ThalieLab gallery space and the publication of an Atlas.

They recently made a massive 水石 Suiseki (The Rock Nobody Could Lift) for the Keelung Biennial in Taiwan.

Ralf Pflugfelder is constructing a series of Utopian Huts in various locations around the world, of which four have been completed, three more are in planning.

He is also designing One-Off Houses for collectors, the only condition being that the design fee is a multiple of the Turner Prize prize money.

He is building a new studio on the Suffolk Norfolk border in the form of a Temple House loosely based on the Temple Houses by John Penn.

He founded the Heaterism movement and wrote the Heaterism Manifesto, which came out of the ongoing project The Sun Shineth Upon the Dunghill, and Is Not Corrupted, consisting of 100 artworks made out of electric 2-bar heaters.

He has been commissioned to set fire to the Ferrari Mondial of a collector, the staging of which he is working on (Fire Mondial).

He has commissioned Mr. Tian (Shenzhen) to paint All Neo Rauch Paintings (up to 1999) Upside-Down, to be completed and exhibited in 2020.

Ralf Pflugfelder was part of the very first Contemporary Art Practice: Public Sphere / Critical Practice cohort at the Royal College of Art in London.
He is also lecturing and teaching at various institutions.

He started the artist collective Surgeons & Magicians.

He is doing more and more work under the moniker Higher Powers Command (after Polke’s Höhere Wesen Befahlen).

He is going to the studio every day where he tells his assistants what to make.

Pflugfelder’s work has been shown at

Manifesta  FLACC Belgium  Wysing Arts Centre Cambridge  Performa Biennial New York  Kunsthaus Graz  Gwangju Biennale  based in Berlin  Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam  Kunstraum Lüneburg  0047 Oslo  SKOR Amsterdam  Program Gallery Berlin  Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Chile  Le 104 Centquatre Paris  Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen Düsseldorf  Arnolfini Bristol  Lyon Biennial  Gallerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig  Chisenhale Gallery London  The Royal College of Art London  et al.

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